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Our Greenwich connection.  Stop by and tell them BeerTrainFriday sent you.  Sales are up!!

Welcome to Beer Train FridayWe’re a growing group of train commuters that enjoy a cold one at the end of a long workweek and even longer commute. 

Join us with some of your own stories, pictures and drink recipes of Happy Hour Fridays on your end-of-the-week commute.

This is a work in progress….adding new stuff as it comes up.  Bear with us, we’re just getting started...and I’m no webmeister!

The Beer Conductor (bring a 6 pack and share!)

Primary Business Address:

Metro North

Track 4, Stamford, CT

5:16 PM

Back of the train

To contact us:

Still, inspired by Dave!!  He’s the big guy in the back.

E-mail: beerconductor@beertrainfriday.com

time life music
time life music

What’s new???

10/30/2009 - New pics.

10/06/2009 - New mystery guest

10/27/2008 - Jimmy Buffett train ride on YouTube.

09/27/2008 - Jimmy Buffett day pics in the Photo Gallery.  Cinco de Mayo YouTube link.

08/12/2008 - New event dates




Our purpose is simple - on Friday, the rear of the train is Happy Hour!  No matter where you are, what country you’re in or what language you speak, the rear of the train is a place to meet new people, imbibe, kick back and tell outrageous stories.


They’re doing it in France, Spain and even California.  Join us in this celebration of the working class commuter.  Bring a six pack and share.  Wine...well you’ll need a corkscrew and cups...but it’s classy!

New mystery rider.  Do you recognize this guy??  He’s off to Chile.  Send your guesses to the BeerConductor

Special Events Calendar:

Check out our new events calendar! 


The Halloween treats were fantastic!!!  Thanx Tony Boucher.

Courtesy of Tom (Hat City Entertainment)


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All Aboard !!!

We made the NY Times!!

Welcome aboard!!!

Our heroes...

Jimmy Buffett Day - Check out the Photo Gallery

Jimmy Buffett day with margaritas!!

Check out our Cinco De Mayo video on YouTube.  Click here.

Click here for the video.